Profiling & Targeting

Geo-Demographic Targeting

Quality assurance through planning targeted marketing solutions, DBS Marketing deploy sophisticated geo-demographic software, powerful tools in profiling potential target customers and identifying postal sectors with the best density of the target audience.

This allows us to then visualise exactly where your potential customers live and to understand who they are through their CAMEO profile.  Identifying which CAMEO types most represent your customers enables us to highlight where to target future campaigns and promotions.

Area Targeting & Street Level Mapping

Our mapping systems allow precise areas to be calculated, including Council wards and parliamentary boundaries, with exact residential and business property counts from the latest available PAF (postcode address file) figures.

Producing bespoke mailing lists and detailed mapping with street level information containing house numbers and/or names.

Our established distribution field teams are assigned to the areas and van routes are arranged into individual delivery rounds.